Viewing Suggestions

Use headphones or be in a quiet environment; click on the full screen option

Best viewed with the HD setting and on a big screen.

Place your hands on your belly and feel the movement of your breath 

Periodically, soften your lips and silently exhale through your mouth

Release any pressure on yourself, rest easily and enjoy these pauses


Breathing Room Series

This Breathing Room Series of contemplative motional art is inspired by the Somaesthetic philosophy of Richard Shusterman.

Somaesthetics is the practice of cultivating the sense perceptions of our bodies in order to heighten our aliveness so we can engage with everyday life as an aesthetic experience.


The first step in this process is invoking the basic rhythmic action of breathing to slow down time and let the brain deeply rest. This is a simple way to bring balance and healing to your soma. And as your body settles in place, your mind can wander as you watch these videos and receive the beauty of the natural world


So gift yourself with some breathing room and take a sensory journey into the aesthetic mystery of NatureBeingArt.

#1 Contemplation


#2 Dwelling


#3 Coastal Flora


#4 Ambient


#5 The Soil of Contemplation


#6 Koan


Astonishing Light





For online and live classes on the contemplative art of breathing and moving with Jamie McHugh, go HERE